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Leonardo da Vinci partnership project


1st August 2008


31st July 2010

Partecipating countries:

Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland


Project summary

This project is approaching work based learning as an answer to the demographic change which has a deep impact on the European labour force.

One implication of the combined increase of life-expectancy and drop in fertility rates is the reduction of the labour force. By 2030 Europe risks losing some 21 million workers. Therefore, it will be important not only to integrate young workers at a high level of skills and competence but to keep older workers in the labour market.

Work based learning is a form of learning which is done to a large extent at the work place. It can provide innovative approaches and solutions to the needs of the older target public.

Cooperation among the partners will contribute to an improved understanding and to the further development of vocational training in their country. Through 5 peer review visits on a rotating basis, mutual learning and exchange of experience will allow all partners to enhance their work based learning systems.





  • 1st visit: Italy 26/28 November 2008
  • 2nd visit: Sweden 25/27 March 2009
  • 3rd visit: Poland 1/3 July 2009
  • 4th visit: Germany 4/6 November 2009
  • 5th visit: London
  • 6th Final conference: Italy, Rome



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Project coordinator


Claudia Oehl Senior Project Manager

Claudia Oehl

Senior Project Manager
IAL CISL Piemonte
tel: +39 011 56.60.695




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